Family Medicine Maternity Care - FHC

The maternity care practice at WMed Health is a specialty practice within the Department of Family and Community Medicine. It is located at the Family Health Center, 117 W. Paterson St., in Kalamazoo. We provide multidisciplinary prenatal care for mothers throughout their pregnancy, delivery and beyond. Your physicians will care for you and your newborn during your hospitalization. Following hospital discharge, we continue to provide family care, scheduling appointments for mom and baby together in the weeks following delivery. 

Fees and Insurance

Family health starts at the Family Health Center and we welcome every person regardless of ability to pay. Additionally, Medicaid is always welcome at the FHC and Medicaid patients are never turned away.

For patients who need assistance, FHC financial counselors are available to determine whether you qualify for our Sliding Fee Scale, what other resources may be available to you, and how to create a payment plan that works within your budget. We can also offer referrals to other programs, help patients navigate the Medicaid system and assist with paperwork and translation as needed.

Please ask to speak with a financial counselor if you are having difficulty paying your bill, have lost your job, are uninsured, or you’re simply worried about budgeting for your health care. The calm, kind and caring staff at the FHC is here to help you find solutions for healthy living.

Our Providers