Philanthropic Pathways at WMed

Support Our Philanthropic Pathways to Educational Innovation and Excellence

Thank you for your interest in supporting WMed’s philanthropic pathways to educational innovation and excellence.  We hope you are inspired to make a contribution of your time, talent, or treasure to support the mission of the medical school.

Financial contributions to The WMed Fund or The Dean’s Circle Leadership Giving Society support the philanthropic pathways to educational innovation and excellence. You may make an online donation to either giving program by clicking on the Support WMed button below.

  • Student Success
    Gifts toward student success are used to expand the educational opportunities of medical students and resident physicians and fund innovations in the medical school curriculum.
  • Access and Opportunity
    Gifts toward access and opportunity provide scholarship support to attract and retain WMed students. Scholarship support reduces student loan debt and helps to make a medical education more affordable for all students.
  • Diversity and Inclusion
    Gifts toward diversity and inclusion provide a stream of resources that allow WMed to expand diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in medical education and increase scholarship support for students underrepresented in the field of medicine so we may contribute to a more diverse physician workforce.
  • Discovery
    Gifts toward the discovery pathway ensure that WMed may continue to provide support for medical students to conduct research projects and to provide opportunities for medical students and graduate medical students to participate in medical research under the guidance of WMed faculty.
  • Sustainability
    Donations for sustainability provide resources to ensure WMed can teach, perform medical research, and offer clinic services in safe, high quality, up-to-date facilities with the latest in technological equipment.
  • Tax-Advantaged Philanthropy
    Did you know there are several creative ways to make a difference at WMed while benefitting you and those you love? By giving non-cash assets, you can receive significant tax savings, help provide our learners with the resources they need to realize their dreams of becoming physicians and preserve the mission of WMed.

An Invitation to Support WMed

Giving to WMed makes you part of a leading group dedicated to the economic betterment of our community. WMed exists to educate learners, serve patients in our community, and create new knowledge that makes a difference in the world. Nothing is more important than preserving our mission. The future is bright as we transition to the next phase of our growth, which includes focus on our clinical operations, our commitment to health equity and access, our integration into the network of community service organizations that serve Kalamazoo and southwest Michigan, and our biomedical research capacity.  

There are many ways to give, and donors at every level have a lasting impact on WMed. Your spirit of philanthropy is inspirational, and we are grateful to have you as colleagues, advocates, and philanthropic partners.  

To start a conversation or to learn more about any of WMed’s philanthropic pathways, please contact by email at or make a gift online through the secure button below.