Dr. Prentiss Jones
Prentiss Jones, PhD

Welcome from the Director

Toxicology involves all aspects of the adverse effects of substances (eg, chemicals and drugs) on biological systems, including mechanisms of harmful effects and the conditions under which the harmful effects occur. The toxicology laboratory at WMed was established to conduct research and develop analytical techniques to qualitatively identify and quantify substances in clinical specimens that have adverse effects. Additionally, the toxicology laboratory provides direct support to the Department of Pathology as part of the forensic team that includes forensic pathology, forensic anthropology, and histopathology.

Limited access to laboratories capable of performing testing for classic and novel toxicological substances in a clinically relevant timeframe is an impediment to providing high quality, patient-centered medical care in many medical communities.

CAP Accreditation LogoToxicology Laboratory Staff

  • Jessica Adamczyk, TT-NRCC
  • Paul F. Moorman, MT (ASCP), TC-NRCC