Developing and Submitting the Proposal

Once you have identified a funding opportunity, it's time to prepare a proposal. SPA staff will work with you on the development of your proposal including identifying and helping to complete forms needed to submit proposal. Check out the Grant Writing Resources for more information on preparing a competitive proposal.

Grant Writing Resources 

Preparing the Budget

The budget gives an overall financial picture of your proposed project and helps the funder determine if the project is fundable. Funders review budgets to verify that costs are reasonable, necessary, and in keeping with budget guidelines. 

SPA staff will work with you to develop a budget that will be submitted in conjunction with the Sponsored Award Approval Form (SPAF). This budget must be completed two weeks before the grant submission proposal date and will be reviewed and approved by a WMed Authorized Official. Once approved, SPA staff will work to input budget information into funder’s required format.

Facilities and Administrative Costs

Budgets will include both direct and indirect costs or Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs. F&A Costs are those costs that cannot be readily identified with a particular sponsored program. These costs include general administration, accounting, building utilities and maintenance, and any other costs associated with supporting a sponsored program that are not represented by a line item in the budget.

WMed recovers F&A costs associated with sponsored programs by applying an F&A rate to the direct costs charged to a sponsored program. WMed has established and documented F&A rates that must be incorporated into budgets for sponsored programs.

Applicability Location Rate
Grant Funded Research and Instruction On-Campus 51%
Grant Funded Research and Instruction Off-Campus 24%
Other Sponsored Activities On/Off-Campus 24%
Industry Funded Clinical Research On/Off-Campus 30%

Rules surrounding the allowability and application of F&A rates vary between sponsors. All sponsored program budgets must take into account F&A costs at the appropriate rate. SPA is available to support the development of sponsored program budgets including determination of the appropriate F&A rate and direct cost base. Waiver or reduction of F&A costs for sponsored programs requires institutional approval and must be requested through SPA.

Submission of Grant Resources