All students in the MD – MBA dual degree program complete the courses and clerkships required for the MD degree and also complete a minimum of 12 courses (27 credits of required courses and 9 credits of elective courses, for a total of 36 credits) in the WMU Haworth College of Business.

It is recommended that students complete the first three years of the medical degree program, complete the MBA coursework in year four, and return to the medical school curriculum for year five and the final year of the dual degree program. Other schedules are feasible as well.

The recommended five-year curriculum consists of the following courses:

  MD Curriculum Components that Contribute to MBA Requirements MBA Curriculum Components
Year 1

Professions of Medicine 1
PROF 7310 (selected events)

Professions of Medicine 2
PROF 7312 (selected events)

Independent Study (1 credit)
Year 2

Professions of Medicine 3
PROF 7320 (selected events)

Professions of Medicine 4
PROF 7322 (selected events)

Independent Study (1 credit)
Year 3

Professions of Medicine 5
PROF 8330 (selected events)

Professions of Medicine 6
PROF 8332 (selected events) 

Year 4 (Summer 1 and II, Fall, and Spring None 27 credits of required courses and 3 credits of elective
Year 5

Professions of Medicine 7
PROF 9340

RES 9310

Independent Study (1 credit)
Independent Study (3 credits)
BUS 6990 Strategic Management (3 credits)

The Profession of Medicine business-related events in Foundations of Medicine count for 2 credits of electives, and in Clinical Applications count for 1 credit, for the MBA degree requirements.

Year 4 is 12 months and includes WMU Summer I and Summer II, Fall, and Spring semesters. Required MBA courses (9 courses for a total of 27 credits) taken in Year 4 include:

Global Business BUS 6150 3 credits
Law, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility BUS 6160 3 credits
Information Technology Management BUS 6180 3 credits
Managerial Accounting ACTY 6110 3 credits
Financial Management FIN 6120 3 credits
Customer-Driven Marketing Management MKTG 6130 3 credits
Supply Chain and Process Management MGMT/MKTG 6140 3 credits
Leading People and Organizations MGMT 6170 3 credits
Elective   3 credits

In Year 5, BUS 6990 (Strategic Management) is a required course (3 credits). Students complete a required research project with a concentration in a business-related healthcare area (Independent Study, 3 credits).

Students must complete a minimum of 9 credits of healthcare-related graduate courses approved by the MBA program office to graduate with a concentration in healthcare. In addition to the business-related modules in the Foundations of Medicine (3 credits), and the Independent Study for the research project (3 credits), students in the dual degree program may choose an additional graduate healthcare-related course (3 credits) approved by the MBA program office. Only one additional elective for 3 credits, in Year 4, is required but additional courses may be taken if students choose to extend their MBA graduation date.

Course descriptions for these electives are available in the WMU online catalog.