Why Choose WMED?

Our program has long been called a "hidden gem." Read below to find out why our residents love training at WMed!

Class of 2021

Dr. Richa Khatri
Richa Khatri, MD
Dr. Lauren Kwasny
Lauren Kwasny, DO
Dr. Laura Stearns
Laura Stearns, DO

Class of 2022

Dr. Katherine Kramme
Katherine Kramme, DO
Dr. Kristofer Nava
Kristofer Nava, MD
Dr. Rebecca Rice
Rebecca Rice, DO

Class of 2023

Dr. Joslyn Jose
Joslyn Jose, MD
Dr. Cole Kircher
Cole Kircher, DO
Dr. Graham McLaren
Graham McLaren, MD
Dr. Derek Tessman
Derek Tessman, DO

Class of 2024

Dr. Caitlyn Cookenmaster
Caitlyn Cookenmaster, MD
Dr. Kyra Folkert
Kyra Folkert, MD
Dr. Kent Grosh
Kent Grosh, MD
Dr. Sarah Khalil
Sarah Khalil, MD

Class of 2025

Nitin Chilukuri, MBBS
Nitin Chilukuri, MBBS
Samuel Coster, DO
Samuel Coster, DO
Dr. Conor Dillon
Conor Dillon, DO
Dr. Neal Ferrin
Neal Ferrin, DO
Dr. Raisa Gao
Raisa Gao, DO