Division of Neuropathology

Dr. Amanda Fisher-Hubbard
Amanda Fisher-Hubbard, MD
Division Chief

We appreciate your interest in the Division of Neuropathology, a national referral center for the diagnostic interpretation primarily of autopsy specimen but also of biopsy and resection specimen from the central and peripheral nervous systems and their coverings. We investigate causes and consequences of diseases and injuries of the human nervous system. We are also pursuing research in the field of neuroscience, including, but not limited to, topics such as neurodegenerative diseases, traumatic head injury, and possible relationships between the two.

Our division chief, Amanda Fisher-Hubbard, MD, is board-certified in both forensic pathology and neuropathology, and boasts significant experience with both traumatic injuries and natural diseases. She speaks the languages of both subspecialties and understands the medico-legal environment that surrounds the fields. Dr. Fisher-Hubbard works closely with her team, including the Research Histology Laboratory, to provide accurate and rapid interpretation of specimens that are referred to the Division of Neuropathology.

We have established relationships with several institutions and forensic pathology departments within the state of Michigan and all across the country. We regularly receive autopsy brains, eyes, spinal cords, and cervical spines recovered from decedents with histories of seizures, cerebral palsy, dementias, and traumatic head injuries, including abusive head trauma. Our Research Histology Laboratory offers specialized histologic stains, as well as immunohistochemical stains, to aid in interpretation and diagnosis. In addition, we work in collaboration with multiple institutions, including the Lieber Institute for Brain Development, to support their research endeavors.

We look forward to working with you, your team, or your family to provide answers to your questions.

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