Instructional Design

Instructional Design complements our mission to provide the highest level of instructional design support for all online, web-assisted, or classroom-based courses. Together, our Instructional Design team works extensively at both the program level and with individual faculty to develop effective learning environments with a special emphasis on the successful integration of instructional technology. 

Our faculty in the Department of Medical Education partner with other medical school faculty to design, develop, implement, and evaluate each course in our MD curriculum through a step-by-step course design process that brings in many different types of assessments and learning activities:

Case Studies                              

In the Department of Medical Education, we assist medical students in writing effective cases or locating well-written cases and learning how to use the cases as strong learning tools. We do this because case studies are widely used in medical education to support students in the application of concepts and principles in real-life scenarios. The case studies are also used in team-based learning, simulation learning, and other methods.

Course Design

Together, we partner closely with WMed faculty to design, develop, implement, and evaluate their courses. We use a structured, collaborative process that facilitates the creation of quality courses using research-based best practices in instructional design. 

Interactive Lectures

The WMed curriculum is based on team-based learning (TBL), a very structured small group learning process. As part of the design of TBL, lecture time is limited, but is still is one of the techniques in the instructional tool box. Lectures at WMed are interactive in nature, making it more of a Socratic process in which instructors engage students in the conversation with frequent Q&A sessions in their presentation. In the Department of Medical Education, we work closely with WMed faculty to design interactive lectures that promote an engaging learning environment.

Instructional Technology

At WMed, technology plays an integral role in our learning environment and we strive to be a leader in this area. We know that technology implemented within the framework of pedagogy ensures that it isn't just about the "latest and greatest" or "bells and whistles" but rather that it is used appropriately to support and enhance the learning environment. Together, we are committed to working closely with medical school faculty to pinpoint the best technology for any learning experience and how to use it effectively.