Graduate companies are those firms that have met all of our graduation requirements and successfully completed the incubation program. Former clients are those firms that exited the incubation program, for a number of reasons, before completing all the graduation requirements. Some companies outgrow the Innovation Center and leave to open their own facilities, some companies are acquired by other entities, and some companies close so the founders can pursue other opportunities. Regardless of when or why they leave, all previous client companies are fondly remembered and celebrated. 

Anisyn, Inc., provides custom medicinal chemical synthesis, process chemical synthesis and nucleosides synthesis to support drug discovery and development.

Genemarkers offers customized genomics research services for academic institutions and the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries.

Hibiskus Biopharma Inc. is an early stage drug discovery company utilizing technology developed at Michigan State University and the University of California in Riverside. The company's lead compound, TIR199, is a proteasome inhibitor that may have significant activity in solid tumors; in particular, renal carcinoma. Currently approved proteasome inhibitors seem to only have a significant effect on blood based cancers, such as multiple myeloma.

Kalexsyn, Inc., provides medicinal and synthetic chemistry services to life-science customers. 

Metabolic Solutions Development Company, LLC, is developing innovative therapeutics to treat diabetes and related symptoms of metabolic syndrome with PPAR?-sparing insulin sensitizers. MSDC is dedicated to bringing new hope to patients for the treatment and prevention of age-related metabolic diseases, and the company's novel class of insulin sensitizers, called mTOT Modulatorsô, are already in clinical trials involving patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Northern Biomolecular Services (NBS) is a contract research organization in Kalamazoo Michigan, specializing in advanced molecular biological techniques for the determination of biodistribution, persistence, and gene expression of cell and gene therapy products in biological samples through real-time qPCR quantification analysis.  NBS provides a complete solution for customized assay development, robust validation procedures, and efficient sample processing workflows. Delivering high-quality data and providing customer satisfaction is the top priority.

PharmOptima, LLC, provides consulting and laboratory services to expedite drug discovery. PharmOptima helps clients create data packages to maximize the value of their intellectual property.  

ProNAi Therapeutics, Inc., is focused on bringing to market novel nucleic acid inhibitor (NAi) drugs to treat complex genetic disease, initially oncologic disease. 

Tolera Therapeutics, Inc., is developing targeted, safe therapies for immune modulation and related medical needs.

Former Companies

AccuFD is commercializing a gravity array separation technology for use in blood sample separation. GE's groundbreaking mesoscale blood separation device is the core of accuFD's technology. By optimizing key fluidic and gravitational principles, accuFD separates blood plasma from cells with > 99% accuracy.

Alteron Therapeutics is an early stage company researching and developing therapeutic compounds against neurodegenerative diseases and cystic fibrosis. Our efforts have been focused on reducing amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in diseased neurons using our leading compound ATC21. In addition, the company is also developing technology to resume normal expression of wild type cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene in patient with cystic fibrosis.

Applied IE is a leading-edge industrial engineering firm continually developing and implementing new or enhanced industrial engineering methods. We help organizations implement systems and methods to deploy performance-driven solutions. Applied IE has expertise in industrial engineering, operations management, quality systems, and technology applications. The professional staff have extensive industry experience, and a bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering or engineering management.

Arcadia Supplements, LLC, formulates and distributes fulvic-mineral-based health and wellness products. Ancient plant life had ample fulvic acid as is evidenced by the exceedingly rich and unusual deposits, such as the one from which we harvest. This fulvic acid in these deposits came from massive amounts of vegetation and its further decomposition by microbes. Fulvic acid is then a naturally occurring organic substance that comes entirely from microbial action on decomposing plants, plants themselves, or ancient deposits of plant origin.

AureoGen Biosciences, Inc., is focused on the development of novel chemistry and genetic engineering methodologies for the modification of cyclic peptide-based compounds. The cyclic peptides constitute an important group of natural product compounds. Drugs such as vancomycin, daptomycin, caspofungin, cyclosporin, and bleomycin all belong to this group and their successes in the clinic demonstrate that cyclic peptides can be antibacterials and antifungals, as well as immunosuppressive and even cancer drugs. AureoGen's therapeutic focus is on antibiotics and the company's mission is to utilize state-of-the-art chemistry and genetic engineering methodologies to generate novel drug candidates from existing cyclic peptide templates.

BioGravity, LLC, supports the space biotech research industry utilizing the unique properties of microgravity in a platform called BioGravityTM. The company offers novel platforms for researching cells and cell based therapeutics, protein crystal growth, medicinal chemistry synthesis, agriculture, and custom projects. It provides various drug discovery research solutions and experimentation in Microgravity including Simulated (in YOUR lab or Ours) using the EXPLOR-BioGravityTM RPM Platform; Orbital (International Space Station); Suborbital (Multiple Sources), and Parabolic flight (Multiple Sources).

Cyprotex specializes in ADME-Tox, including both in vitro (laboratory experiments) and in silico (computer modeling) approaches to service a diverse array of clients, including pharma, cosmetics/personal care, chemicals, academia, and NFP.

DomeIQ improves public policy outcomes by connecting interests and expertise with elected officials.

Drummond Carpenter, PLLC, is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business that specializes in environmental and water resources technical services and applied research. Drummond Carpenter provides water resource services, groundwater modeling, green infrastructure programming, and environmental assessment and remediation.

Elegant Shipping is developing smart signage utilizing IoT sensors.

Emiliem Inc., is developing Molecular Targeted Therapeutics for oncology and other indications.

Engineered Vision Solutions is developing the IcClear system, a vision based system for use in the transportation/safety industry.

Epredia, formerly Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a global precision cancer diagnostics company working to improve patient outcomes by providing groundbreaking technologies. Powered by trusted brands such as Richard - Allan Scientific, Microm, Shandon, Menzel Gläser and Erie Scientific, Epredia has a wide breadth of solutions that have and will continue to transform the anatomical pathology market. Every product developed has been impacted by generations of employees who are committed to improving lives by enabling pathologists through enhancing precision cancer diagnostics.

Forensic Assurance provides proficiency tests for practitioners in the forensic field. Current tests include DNA, biology, firearm-identification, tool-mark-identification, controlled substances, crime scene, trace evidence, and fingerprint-identification.

Garden Solutions is a nursery and plant development company specializing in sedums and succulents. The company is based out of Hudsonville, MI, but markets plants worldwide. Some of their brands include, Sunsparkler® Sedums, Gnome Domes® Orostachys, and Chick Charms® Sempervivums.

Interactome Bio seeks to augment precision medicine and provide extensive resources for biopharma research and discovery with an ease-of-use bioinformatics platform that leverages multi-omics, pharmaco-simulation, spatial GIS and artificial intelligence. Whether your team is licensing small molecules, developing biologics, mapping peptide bioactivity, testing antibody - protein interactions, or calibrating patient clinical trial enrollment, Interactome Bio will help your team optimize candidates and reduce development costs.

Live Your Song is an education technology company that is developing a voice-based learning app.

MLC Research and Development, LLC, uses innovative technologies for a drying process that delivers the most efficient, nutrient, flavor and vitamin-retaining process.

NanoVir, Inc., seeks small molecule antiviral therapies for the treatment of human papilloma virus (HPV) and cancer.

PSB ADME Associates, LLC, helps identify its clients’ best drug development candidates based upon their absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination issues.

PharmOcular, Inc. is working on a topically active COX-2 inhibitor for treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration (wet-AMD).

RealBio Technology, Inc., provides leading-edge cell and tissue culture technologies that support the growth, expansion, differentiation, and collection of human and non-human cells. The RealBio Bioreactor is a single use disposable unit that utilizes perfusion to disperse culture media and an independent gassing to deliver oxygen independent from the media. Independent gassing reduces shear force and enables a more in-vivo like environment by creating gradients of nutrient and oxygen concentrations.

Separation Solutions / SepSol Process Solutions is a manufacturer's representative and distributor of equipment for filtration and separation, powder and bulk processing, dust collection and packaging. SepSol has extensive experience in providing solutions for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, plastics, aggregates, metal powders, oil & gas, foundry, paint & ink, cosmetics, and recycling. SepSol offers expertise in liquid process solutions, powder & bulk, processing & handling, environmental solutions, packaging solutions, and laboratory solutions.

Sunapten Therapeutics, Inc., has developed a targeted vaccine therapy that will provide an alternative therapeutic option for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Violet Research LLC, is developing a therapeutic drug to be used in transfusion medicine. The product is designed to significantly reduce the rate of transfusion complications in hospitals.

West Labs Scientific, LLC, provides cellular analysis services for industry, biotech/pharma, research and academic