Process and Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a WMed faculty member. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to start the process by contacting the appropriate department chair or program chief to discuss your interests and the faculty appointment process. 

Faculty Affairs Process and Application Flow ChartThere are four faculty tracks: unmodified, clinical, research, and community. The unmodified track is for faculty who are employed by the medical school. If you are not employed by the medical school the track is based on your primary role as a healthcare provider, researcher, or with other responsibilities.

There are three faculty classifications within each track: core, adjunct, and emeritus. If the medical school will be your primary faculty appointment, the appointment is in the core track. If you already have a faculty appointment at another institution, the appointment is generally in the adjunct track. Emeritus is an honorary title for selected faculty who have retired from the medical school.

There are four ranks within each track and classification: instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, and professor.

Appointment standards are defined for each track, classification, and rank. The Office of Faculty Affairs will determine the track and classification during the application process. The chair recommends for the ranks of instructor and assistant professor, and the chair and the Appointment and Promotion Committee recommend for the ranks of associate professor and professor. 

To be considered for a faculty position, you must agree to abide by the Faculty Policy Manual and all medical school policies, and must conduct yourself in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct, which states professional standards and proscribed conduct, and the Educational Pledge.

The faculty appointment process takes approximately four months and includes yourself, the department chair, department Appointment and Promotion Committee, medical school Appointment and Promotion Committee, associate dean for Faculty Affairs, dean, and the Board of Directors. Questions during the process should be directed to the department chair or program chief, or the associate dean for Faculty Affairs at 269.337.4589 or

After review by the Office of Faculty Affairs, your application is forwarded to the appropriate department chair or program chief for review. The department chair or program chief will contact you to further discuss your interests and explore the ways that you want to be engaged with the medical school.


To begin the faculty appointment process, you must first discuss your interest with the appropriate department chair or program chief. There is a complete list of department chairs with email addresses and phone numbers below. Please reach out to us at if you need assistance with determining which department or program would be the best match for your training and experience.

Once that conversation has occurred, the department chair or program chief will contact Faculty Affairs to start the application process.

Department or Program Chair or Chief Email Address Phone Number
Anesthesiology Tristan Wilson, MD 269.345.8617
Biomedical Informatics Philip Kroth, MD, MSc 269.337.6355
Biomedical Sciences David Riddle, PhD 269.337.4526
Emergency Medicine David Overton, MD, MBA 269.337.6059
Family and Community Medicine Daniel Stulberg, MD 269.337.6097
Investigative Medicine Tom Rothstein, MD, PhD 269.337.4359
Medical Education Michael Busha, MD, MBA 269.337.4551
Medical Engineering Tycho Fredericks, PhD 269.276.3360
Medical Ethics, Humanities, and Law Tyler Gibb, JD, PhD
Michael Redinger, MD, MA
Medical Library Elizabeth Lorbeer, EdM, MLS 269.337.6119
Medicine Santhosh Koshy, MD, MA, MBA 269.337.6069
Obstetrics and Gynecology Kevin Ault, MD 269.337.4570
Pathology Prentiss Jones, PhD 269.337.4581
Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Dilip Patel, MD, MBA, MPH 269.337.6395
Psychiatry Eric Achtyes, MD 269.337.4350
Radiology Biren A. Shah, MD 269.389.0055
Surgical Services Keith Kenter, MD, MS 269.337.6250