Educational Activities

Research-in-Progress (RIP)

The Department of Investigative Medicine hosts Research-in-Progress for the WMed basic research community. This is a forum where those participating in basic research can talk about their research ideas, designs, and results. Through Research-in-Progress researchers can get feedback in an informal, comfortable setting. Research can be presented at any stage. Research presented could be starting a project, planning the design, analyzing the data, or getting ready to present results at conferences, in manuscripts, or in grants.

Journal Club

The Department of Investigative Medicine’s Journal Club convenes monthly to discuss a wide variety of topics relevant to ongoing research at WMed, including proteomics, molecular biology, and immunology. A rotating group of department scientists present recent publications with focus on the relevance of the research to the practice and understanding of medicine. Scientists at all levels are encouraged to participate to hone presentation skills, discuss current discoveries in the literature, learn the application of new technologies, and have fun talking about science.