Christina V Jacobs, MD

Christina V Jacobs, MD
Christina V Jacobs, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology


Christina Jacobs, MD, is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist with Advanced Radiology Services. She is a graduate of University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. She earned her medical degree from New York University in New York, New York. She completed a transitional internship at St. Vincent's Medical Center, also in New York, and completed a residency in diagnostic radiology with University of Rochester. She has particular interest in clinical densitometry, and has an additional certification in that field.

  • Board Certification

    • American Board of Radiology (Diagnostic Radiology)
  • Education and Training

    • Residency 1996, Diagnostic Radiology, University of Rochester
    • Transitional Internship 1992, St. Vincent's Medical Center
    • MD 1991, New York University
    • BS 1986, Neuroscience, University of Rochester
  • Research

    • Radiology
    • Densitometry
  • Publications

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